Here are the W's of Smokies:
Who: Us, Arlene and Brian Lee (Well, it started out with the two of us, but there are a bunch of us now)
What: Country line and partner dances. It's just that simple.
When: Whenever we can. We try to schedule our dances so that they don't conflict with any of the other dances that are going on. (Heck we go to some of those, and if they are going to do all the work, then that is OK with us.)
Where: Where ever we can. So far we mostly hold them at the Moose Lodge in North Reading, but have also been to the Rockingham Ballroom in Newmarket, NH. Two great places to dance.
Why: Well, we love line and partner dancing to great country music. That is the quick answer. The longer more accurate one is: We just started doing this in our garage. Well after a while, the garage just wasn't cuttin' it. It is good for the cars, and was ok for dancing, but we wanted something with no oil spots on the floor or car parts to dance around.
The real truth: This started out as a Halloween party, but the next thing we knew, we were dancing in our car trailer and the garage. We had such a great time that the next Halloween party was for line dancing, and the theme was Smokies Bar. The next year, we did the same. The garage is fun, but a hall would be better. So again, Why? Well, the short answer: For fun.
Dance Locations
New England Line Dance
I haven't figured out what to put here yet.
Same problem here.
Gail Eaton
Bill Gibson
The Rockingham Ballroom
The Mill-A-Round Dance Center
The Claddagh
The North Reading Moose Lodge
Ginger Kozlowski
Carol Shackleford
Julie Kaufman
The Lowell Elks Lodge
Marcella Groulx