We Are BACK!!
So, let's start Dancing

Our start back up dance will Saturday March 27th at 7pm until 11-ish.
There will be no lessons at this dance. The primary focus will be to brush up on those dances that we all
used to know, but may need a little practice to get back to where we were.
Rules: (Because what would the world be without rules)
As everyone knows, there are certain guidelines that must be followed, but you may not know what those are. Well, here is a list of what we will follow.
Masks are required. It may be uncomfortable, but those are the rules.
If you are sitting at a table with family or close friends that you know health status of, then you can remove your mask when drinking, etc. If you leave the table, mask up. Those are the rules.
Maintain 6 feet social distancing.
Partner dancing will be allowed, up to the discretion of the dancers. Dancing with family members or close friends you know the medical status of, that is good too. Again, it is up to the dancers to determine if they are okay and comfortable. We can not check the family tree of all dancers.
That's right, we will be starting our dances back up. I never thought we would go a whole year without a dance, but we did, and it stinks.